Types of no idling signs

Types of idling signs
If you're concerned about idling’s harmful effects on respiratory health and the environment, you may want to post a no idling sign in front of your business. Listed below are five of the main types of idling signs.

Custom Idling Signs Custom idling signs
Sometimes it takes an innovative or funny twist to capture someone’s attention. Since reducing idling requires people’s willful involvement, win them over with a witty, engaging sign.
No Stopping Signs No stopping signs
No stopping signs are more general than no idling signs, indicating a concern not only for exhaust, but for increased traffic due to a stopped car.

Turn Off Engine Signs Turn off engine signs
If you want to allow trucks and cars to stand in front of your building, you can post a turn off engine sign to signal that it is acceptable to sit so long as the engine isn't kicking out any exhaust.
Mirrored Text Signs Mirrored text signs
Since trucks have giant mirrors, their drivers often use them to look backwards at their surroundings. A mirrored text sign allows the truckers to read the sign by way of their rearview mirror.

Limited Time Signs Limited time signs
If you don't want to fully prohibit idling in a certain location, posting a limited time sign helps drivers conscientiously keep their pauses to a minimum. These signs allow idling, but only for a designated amount of time.

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